I’m a geek. I’ve always been one. In 2nd grade, I was one of the “smart kids” that was allowed to go to the computer lab and play around with the new Apple II computers the school just got. I managed to write a program that flashed “School Sucks” on the screen. The teachers were not amused (and even more so that they didn’t know how to make it stop. When they asked me how, I told them I hadn’t read that page in the book yet.).

Jump ahead a lot of years and now I spend most of my professional and free time learning and playing with Cloud Computing and Information Security. I’m also a die-hard Linux user, and have been since 1997, when my friend Tsanko and I tried to install Linux on a 486 over the internet and didn’t even know how to login to the thing when it finished 3 days later.

I had a website years ago with random utterings about food, computers, linux, and how much I hate WordPress. I finally decided that it was time for me to have a new page. I guess. Anyway, this page is a result of me being curious how this (hugo) works with Lambda. Serverless computing is the future for so many things. Time to see how it works.

I have entirely too many certifications. CISSP, CASP, AWS (x3), Linux+, VMware, Solaris, and on and on and on. I teach at the college level most days, and play System Administrator/Security guy/BOFH on the side.

More to follow….